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Bath complex

“Artishok” Russian bathhouse in Russ Hotel is a unique place in the center of Saint-Petersburg.

Bath complex “Artishok” is situated along the border between tradition and theater, canons and improvisation, care and love to each guest.

Professional bath attendants and at the same time actors will surprise and amaze You, will give You a celebration, joy, well-being, calm, appeasement. Tibetan singing bowls, pickles and other secrets are used in our bath rituals.

Varied complex of SPA treatments:

— Impressive and intense steam-bath taking into account specific features of Your organism

— Honey and salt wraps

— Wide menu of massages from the best masters of Saint-Petersburg

— Amazing Friday meetings with a master of bath art Elena Rumyantseva, who has 30 years of experience.

—  Benevolent women’s   “Shakti” bath on Tuesdays. 5 HOURS – 1000 RUBLES.

In our unique theater bath (full-time working):

  • Russian bath
  • Aroma hammam
  • Heating swimming pool with whirlpool
  • Icy font
  • Recreation area
  • Karaoke
  • Wi-Fi

Bath “Artishok” is full-time working.

The price of a visit is from 500 rubles.

For booking call +7 (812) 600-66-60 or ask at the reception.



Bath complex
Bath complex
Bath complex
Bath complex