Вenefits of direct online
hotel booking:
Best price guarantee
When booking by phone or online, discounts are applied
Free accommodation and meal for children up to 7 years old
Guarded parking
Priority early check-in, if applicable



The main rule in our hotel is to treat every guest individually.

Our friendly, diligent and conscientious employees are always ready to help You and and provide your comfortable stay in our hotel.

We are happy to offer You :

— a wide range of comfortable rooms

— an unlimited Wi-Fi

— our “Aist“ restaurant with delicious signature dishes

— Phone shop, where you can repair your gadget, beauty  salon and stomatology

— sauna and swimming pool where You can always have a proper rest after long walk around the city or business meeting

— our billiard-room where You can book a table

— fresh and tasty desserts from “Moroshka” confectionary  where You can also order various pastries and baked goods

— “Aist” restaurant is a perfect place where You can enjoy dinner with your friends or significant other, book conference hall for seminars, business meetings and presentations

— we will call You a taxi and make sure You get to your destination in time

Our receptionists are always ready to help you 24 hours a day. Also we are happy to answer your questions on the phone, WhatAspp and Viber.