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Free accommodation and meal for children up to 7 years old
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Priority early check-in, if applicable

Children's package at the Hotel Russ

Traveling with kids? Hotel "Rus" will take care of the comfort and convenience of the youngest guests.

Children's package includes:
- Children's bathrobe and slippers;
- A set of small colorful hangers;
- Rubber bathroom duck;
- Delicious surprise from "Moroshka" confectionery;
- Set of colored cups;
- Ladder stool*;
- Children’s potty*.

Just let us know that you are traveling with a child.

Terms of Special Offer:
- the service provided is free of charge;
- rooms of all categories participate in the promotion;
- to receive the package, you must inform about traveling with a child in advance;
- items marked “*” are provided separately upon request.